Why Mauritius?

Mauritius - A Real Taxation Advantageous

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has over the years become one of the favorite destinations for tourists and expatriates. This country continues to attract many foreigners not only for its sunny climate, its magnificent beaches, the beauty of its lagoon, its proximity to Reunion Island, its exceptional culture and heritage, but above all for its favorable tax conditions. .

Why to invest in Mauritius
The Mauritian government has set up a light, simple and attractive tax platform to promote the development of real estate investment. This program encourages foreign nationals, whether they are investors, professionals or retirees, to live, invest or work in Mauritius.

Local real estate tax in Mauritius 
Since its opening to foreign investment in 2002, Mauritius has allowed its residents to benefit from an exceptional living environment and a reduced tax rate thanks to its very favorable taxation.